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Information for the above article was compiled from various Detroit area newspapers articles courtesy of the Stan Sycko newspaper
collection, and from the DDOT Route Update notices and bulletins archived in the author's collection.
The former  little–known  DDOT route
#66  Downtown  Lunch  Time
 (a.k.a. the  Eastern
Market Lunch Time Shuttle
) was a
short-lived  shuttle service launched   
back   on  Monday,  June  27,  1994.  
The new  bus service  lasted  slightly  
longer  than  a  coordinated  "route-
swapping"  service  agreement  
DDOT  and  the  suburban   
bus   system
  SMART  (Suburban  
Mobility   Authority   for   Regional  
, that was launched
just two days prior.
(see DDOT Suburban Bus Routes - 1994)

This  new  lunch  time  shuttle  
service linked  
Eastern Market  with
portions of the
Medical Center,
Greek Town, Thirty–Sixth District   
and (Stroh's) Brewery Park.  
The shuttle was assigned out of the
DDOT Gilbert Terminal  and  
operated   from  10:00 a.m. until 2:00
p.m., Monday through Friday, with
twelve minute headways.
However, after only a little over one year of operation, the #66 Downtown Lunch Time Express was discontinued,
effective with the operator's pick that went into effect on Saturday, September 2, 1995.
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D-DOT Route #66 (Eastern Market Shuttle)
The route-map for the "short-lived" DDOT Route #66 Downtown Lunch Time Express
Route operated under D-DOT