D-DOT Route #90
In 1992, DDOT management announced that the following eight bus routes; Baker, Gratiot, Jefferson, Joy Rd.,
Michigan, Oakland, Vernor
and Woodward, would no longer terminate downtown, but would now be combined to
four new routes.  These new lines were to provide DDOT passengers with non-stop "through-routing" service
in-and-out of the downtown area.

Effective Saturday, September 5, 1992,
DDOT routes #3 Baker-W. Vernor and #36 Oakland were combined and
through-routed out of downtown.  This newly combined route would be known as
Route #90 BAKER-OAKLAND.  
Service would operate from the Ford River Rouge Plant–Gate #2
(Miller Road) near the far south-west side over to  
Eight Mile and Dequindre on the city's north-east side.
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Despite the numerous problems encountered during the mid-seventies
after the combining of the
Michigan and Gratiot routes, DDOT
management was now determined to implement this combining of
routes on a much larger scale.  Consequently, numerous service
problems were encountered with the operation of the new routes being
assigned to two different terminals.  Unpredictable coach and
manpower shortages, compounded by a lack of communication
between the terminal locations, resulted in numerous sporadic gaps
within the service.

However, this combined routing arrangement didn't last long.  The
service was discontinued, for the most part, on June 25, 1994, when

and SMART joined forces in a cooperative (but short-lived)
route swapping project, where
SMART took over operation of DDOT's
Michigan and Jefferson routes.

Meanwhile, the combined
#90 Baker-Oakland line would continue on
for another year.  However, those two routes were also separated,
effective Saturday, June 17, 1995.  While route
#36 Oakland would
return as a separate line, the former
#3 Baker (W. Vernor) portion of  
the line was instead combined with the
#49 E. Vernor line, resulting in
a new "through-routed"
#49 Vernor route.
(January 1, 1994 Baker-Oakland
D-DOT transfer courtesy of the Stan Sycko Transfer Collection)
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The above route map displays DDOT Route #90 Baker-Oakland during its nearly three years of operation.
Route operated under D-DOT